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VIDEO: Hiring Millennials

Millennials are looking for a work/life balance. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.


It has been said – usually with a sneer – that millennials want it all and they want it now. What they don’t want is to be married to their jobs. When it comes to their life’s priorities, they’re looking for a balance between their work and their personal lives.

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Wait a minute, that sounds like me too. With millennials, though, they’ll often make their career choices based that balance. Is your business up to the task?

Our friends at TechForce Foundation say millennials want to have their voices heard; to be recognized for their accomplishments and to feel like they are contributing to the goals of a team. They have a hunger for learning and are open to change based on newfound information and what they learn along the way. They aren’t afraid to buck the status quo if they feel strongly about something or if they feel that their difference in opinion or idea will actually benefit the company. In a nutshell, millennials are looking for meaningful work that offers a true sense of purpose.

You may think this laundry list of demands is too much to handle – but guess what? It has been projected that 2020 would be the year that fully half of the workforce will be occupied by millennials. As if this year needs to get any crazier!

As you look for your next great employee, realize it might not be that seasoned tech from the shop across town you’ve had your eye on – it might be a millennial. Don’t be afraid of the word – or the person. He or she could bring significant opportunities for your business – and unexpected growth to you as well.


This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

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