Twenty Two Trends To Tackle For 2022

Twenty Two Trends To Tackle For 2022

From shop operations to vehicle technology to development trends in the industry, AMN's Amy Antenora is always watching.

What’s on the mind of the editor of AftermarketNews as 2022 rolls on? Amy Antenora shares her predictions, prognostications and puzzlers.

She may not be Karnak the Great (and she admits that she doesn’t really have any answers, only questions) but her optimism for this industry is contagious.

“It is with the most fervent enthusiasm that I wish for all of us a better, brighter and healthier year than the past two. Covid is still with us. I know we have all grown tired of dealing with it. And talking about it. Which is NOT what we are going to do right now,” Amy says.

“Let’s not overthink things here. For now, let’s take a quick and dirty look at 22 trends to keep an eye on this year. This is just my take, my two cents, in no particular order, after having reported on this industry for the past 20 years. (Has it really been TWENTY years?! That explains the gray hairs starting to crop up.)”

She says, “I’ll meet you back here in 12 months and we’ll review what’s come to fruition and what hasn’t. Any wagers? Here goes … “

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