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The Network Partners With Repair Shop Coach

The Automotive Distribution Network (The Network) is announcing the addition of Repair Shop Coach to provide a suite of four new video training programs specifically geared toward helping shop owners run their businesses more effectively.

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These new video training programs will be part of the recently launched Network Academy (, a self-paced training resource for owners, technicians, service advisors and parts professionals.

The four comprehensive training programs will cover the four most important skill-sets required, from the shop owners’ perspective, to create a stable, thriving, and profitable business. The video training programs are:

  • Car Count Now –a proven step-by-step system for attracting and keeping more high-quality customers. 
  • Sales Now –a six-step sales system for increasing the average ticket and selling more services
  • More Money Now –a financial training course to help shop owners understand their key metrics and how they directly affect the profitability of the business.
  • Leadership Now –a definitive guide on hiring, training, and leading your team and operating a smooth-running shop.

Repair Shop Coach is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based company that is owned and staffed by shop owners who are currently running successful auto repair shops themselves so they can bring a “what’s happening now” approach to this ever-changing marketplace.


Company President Ron Ipach is known in the industry as “Captain Car Count” because he has specialized in helping more than 7,357 shop owners over the past 22 years to attract and keep quality customers with his unique approach of using low-cost and free marketing strategies to keeping shops filled with customers.

Free Online Training Webinar June 3

Ipach will kick off the Repair Shop Coach inclusion in The Network Academy by hosting a free online training webinar titled, “The Hardcore Truth About Attracting Customers During Difficult Times.” On this 1-hour live training webinar, Ipach will be sharing exactly what marketing has been working best for shop owners across the country to keep their car counts up during the COVID-19 crisis.

The live training will be held live twice on June 3, and the registration links for these events are as follows:

June 3 at 9 a.m. Central:

June 3 at 2 p.m. Central:

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