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Talking Telematics – Dealing With Data

With more of our physical world now connected to the internet, many of our devices (cars too) send and receive data.

SMP Launches ‘Your Car. Your Data.’ Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes will raise awareness for the right to transparency around the data collected from drivers’ cars.

Washington Post Article Investigates How Automakers Collect Vehicle Data

Using a 2017 Chevrolet, Washington Post technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler hacked his way into the vehicle’s data, discovering the vehicle had an internet connection that was always on, and also was collecting data from his smartphone.

Petition Calling On Congress To Guarantee Consumers Access And Control Over Data Generated By Their Own Cars Reaches 15,000 Signatures

A petition created by the national education and advocacy campaign Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice. reached 15,000 petition signatures on Friday, Nov. 22, marking a significant milestone in the effort to ensure drivers have direct access to and control of their car data.