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Managing Your Shop’s Online Reputation

The difference between making a sale or losing out to the competition could depend on how you manage your online reputation.

A Marketing Conundrum: Should You Advertise On Yelp?

To understand why Yelp can be a viable marketing channel, you first need to understand consumer behavior and their attitudes toward independent review ratings.

Yelp For Business Owners: Monetizing What Makes Many A Manager Mad

It’s not uncommon to hear business owners talk about Yelp in a way that screams of a love/hate relationship with the widely used review site. Understanding how a review is posted on a business profile, requiring payment to remove competitors from a company’s page, and an inaccessible support team has been enough to make plenty of business owners want to leave an explicit one-star review on Yelp’s own Yelp page (which, conveniently, doesn’t exist).