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KNIPEX Tools Launches New Website for U.S. Audience

New website features many enhancements, including the new KNIPEX merchandising site and product database.

Want to be a Million Dollar Shop?

Marketing Secrets Every Auto Shop Owner Needs to Know! When business is slow, and you feel the crunch, your first reaction may be to cut back on spending. While that may be the case within certain areas of your budget, don’t mistake cutting the engine that drives your marketing. Danny Sanchez, the former Autoshop Solutions

DENSO Upgrades Website For Better B2B Service

The reformatted display offers businesses a concise, customized dashboard of recent orders, invoices, returns and searches.

Interstate Batteries Educates Consumers On Battery Maintenance

Battery supplier aims to preserve car battery health during extended downtime.

PCi Launches New Website

Several key features are now live, including an online parts lookup catalog system, new product announcements and more. Online Calculators Save Techs Time

A variety of different calculators are available on the site.

You & The Law: Website Accessibility 101

If you’re not sure if your website is accessible to disabled persons, then now is the time to figure that out.

Hunter Engineering Launches New Company Website

This iteration brings more in-depth testimonials, product comparison tools, ROI calculators and industry insight content.

The Truth About Convenience: It Is Quickly Becoming More Important Than Price

Anyone who has been in our business for some time can tell you the auto industry has changed dramatically – and so have our customers’ habits and expectations. For today’s customer, convenience is everything.

Case Study: Harry J. Weirich Auto Repair – The Shop Next Door

Technology, specifically for marketing our businesses, doesn’t always come naturally. This month, I decided to get out of my own office and get a better understanding of the challenges and pitfalls facing new shop owners as they try to build awareness and clientele, says Jeff Phillip, Digital Development Manager, Babcox Media.

Web Presence Management: Beware Of Online Thieves And Extortionists

The purpose of having a presence online is to get more cars to fix. Anything else is ancillary to that. But there are robbers and extortionists, metaphorically speaking, who can hold you back, cost you too much and stand in the way of getting traffic to your website and brand exposure from your social media accounts.

Web Presence Management: Hot Stuff – Giving Your Business Brand A Voice

We often come across shops that don’t have a logo; they just use their name. But shouldn’t we take a page out of the playbooks of the biggest companies in the world and have an identifiable logo?