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Team Appreciation Taken To The Next Level

“Help set and meet the shop’s goals and we’ll all go to Hawaii,” says owner. Team responds, packs bags for vacation.

VIDEO: Working Together As A Team

Calling a team a team doesn’t necessarily mean it really is one. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

The Value Of Training Your Entire Team – Including The Owner

If an owner doesn’t take the time to train employees, to teach them the processes used in the shop, and to explain the benchmarks, they cannot expect the employee to deliver on these expectations. Training for new employees is a good start, but it’s far from the whole picture. Does the rest of the team understand your expectations? Do they know who is responsible for holding other techs accountable? Are they incentivized for meeting and exceeding expectations?

Boosting Productivity Through Collaboration

Most meetings are – at best – boring and a waste of time. For most shops, meetings aren’t a positive experience. That’s because many team meetings fall into one of two categories: either the boss pulls everyone together to scold and lecture about problems, or the team uses the meeting as an opportunity to complain, whine and make excuses.