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Want to be a Million Dollar Shop?

Marketing Secrets Every Auto Shop Owner Needs to Know! When business is slow, and you feel the crunch, your first reaction may be to cut back on spending. While that may be the case within certain areas of your budget, don’t mistake cutting the engine that drives your marketing. Danny Sanchez, the former Autoshop Solutions

VIDEO: The Business Power Of Social Media

Social media can be an excellent tool to stay in touch with clients. This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

Automotive Repair Social Media Management

Proper attention to social media will help create a successful campaign that can set your shop apart from competitors.

Managing Your Shop’s Online Reputation

The difference between making a sale or losing out to the competition could depend on how you manage your online reputation.

VIDEO: Staying Connected To Your Customers

Staying in touch with customers in a contact-free society is vital. This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

You & The Law: Website Accessibility 101

If you’re not sure if your website is accessible to disabled persons, then now is the time to figure that out.

More Than Half Of Surveyed Drivers Admit To Checking Social Media Behind The Wheel

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and a new survey finds 55 percent of U.S. drivers admit to checking social media while behind the wheel.

Marketing: Why You Need It And How To Do It

Many people hear the word “marketing” and wonder what the heck it really is and if they should be doing it in their shops. And if they are supposed to do it, where do they begin? The world is changing, and it’s time you sunk your teeth into the power of marketing instead of shying away from it. I’m here to help clear up some of your confusion and set you up for marketing success.

Online Reviews: The Key To Your Shop’s Marketing Strategy

You can write – and pay for – advertising that will try to convince prospective customers to give you a call. Or, for free, you can get satisfied customers who are far more believable to write it for you. Consumer reviews represent, perhaps, the most powerful advertising messages you can develop. The good news is you don’t even have to pay to get them published.

What Facebook’s Data Breach Means For Repair Shops

What used to be 2,700 words is now 4,200 words – and a major security breach brought it to pass. I’m talking about Facebook’s new data privacy policy. Like you, I usually just click “accept” on policy statements for things I participate in online, apps I download to my phone and software I purchase. I don’t typically read these overly complicated, vague legal documents. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to point out, in front of Congress in the last month, that more than 2.1 billion of us agreed to their terms.

3 Keys To Powerful Shop Reviews

While all positive reviews are valuable, reviews that are stories written by your average customers about common repairs, services and everyday visits that resulted in great experiences will inspire the most trust, and have the most influence.

City Pages: A Growth Strategy Very Few Repair Shops Know About

There are fancy Google terms for it, but the bottom line is you create a single webpage that is dedicated specifically to any town from which you want to pull business. This page is known as a service-area-specific page or sometimes referred to as a geo-targeted page. For our purposes, we will adopt a term that has become more popular as more people learn about the power of this strategy: “city pages.”