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Electrical Circuit Diagnostics

Your diagnostic approach needs to be well thought out, and it starts with your equipment.

Get Ready To Lift Electric Vehicles

Future EV service will require shops to invest in equipment engineered specifically for safety, proper operation.

How Well Do You Trust Your Lift Skills?

There is no such thing as overthinking when lifting a vehicle. Just never take getting under a vehicle for granted.

Cool Boss Air Coolers Help Shops Beat The Heat

Portable evaporative air coolers plug into a 110V outlet and continuously cool the air in a 3,000-sq.-ft. area.

ALI Expands Safety Manual and Offers New Digital Option

Updated manual includes new information, photos and illustrations in a user-friendly format.

Do You Know The New ANSI/ALI Safety Standards?

ANSI/ALI ALIS 2022 describes the required qualifications, training, reporting and documentation for lifts.

Fashion Week: Dressing For Success In The Shop

Here’s a look into the many options available in today’s workwear specifically designed for automotive technicians.

Debunking Three Car Lift Safety Myths

Shop safety is no joke, yet there are many “facts” people accept that just aren’t true.

Milwaukee Delivers 18V Air Speed With M12 Mounting Fan

The compact solution can adapt to situations with the durability to withstand jobsite conditions.

Don’t Underestimate Service Advisors’ Impact On Shop Success

Failure to understand your service advisor’s role as “front man,” will create chaos in your shop.

Viewpoint: Do Your Customers’ Cars Threaten Your Safety?

‘Carbage’ is a real thing and brings potential hazards to your employees and your shop equipment.

New QuickJack Portable Car Lifts Raise Any Car, SUV Higher

Improved design for home garage, auto repair shop, detailer, mobile service or racetrack.