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Thatcham Research Introduces Grading For Self-Driving Cars

The Mercedes GLE emerged as the strongest performer across all three performance criteria.

Poll: Americans Divided On Self-Driving Cars

The results showed that 57% of respondents familiar with the vehicles would be willing to ride in them and 51% consider them safer than people-driven vehicles.

House Approves Proposal On Self-Driving Vehicles

The measure, which is the first significant federal legislation aimed at speeding self-driving vehicles to market, requires automakers to submit safety assessment reports to U.S. regulators, but does not require pre-market approval of advanced vehicle technologies.

Top 8 Consumer Concerns About Self-Driving Cars

No. 1 on the list from the report “Self-Driving Vehicles, Robo-Taxis and the Urban Mobility Revolution” from the Boston Consulting Group should come as no surprise: safety.