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How To Sell Service, Not Price

How do you explain to customers why your recommendations are not based on being the low-price provider?

Answer Customer Ride Control Questions By Thinking Like Them

Presenting your customer with inspection results and benefits of replacement will help sell the job.

Quality, Inspected Used Tires Can Be Beneficial Option

If you’ve ever bought a used car, chances are you’ve bought used tires. This video is sponsored by Champtires.

As We Hit The Road Again, Are Aging Tires Up To The Trip?

Automated tire inspection technology builds trust without adding time to the check-in process.

California Bill Expands Inspection Of Safety Components

New legislation protects consumers from unsafe vehicles, say California aftermarket associations.

Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Headed To WV House

ASA is urging WV repairers to contact legislators in opposition of the bill.

Anti-Safety Inspection Legislation Introduced In West Virginia, New Hampshire

The two introduced bills are the latest in a recent series of legislation designed to dismantle or weaken a state’s safety inspection program, says ASA.

Anti-Safety Inspection Legislation Introduced In Missouri

If the bill is enacted, this legislation would repeal Missouri’s vehicle safety inspection program.