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Road To AAPEX Ep. 6: The End Of The Road

Did Joe and the Cadillac make it to Las Vegas for AAPEX?

The Road To AAPEX Ep 5: The Road Less Traveled

The spirits of long-forgotten travelers still haunt Route 66 – did some of those ghosts get into the Cadillac?

Road To AAPEX Ep. 4: Halfway There … What Could Go Wrong?

Visits to iconic road-side attractions like the Bonnie and Clyde Museum, aren’t the Brougham’s only stops in this episode.

‘Who And What’ On Route 66 Make Road To AAPEX Exciting

The Brougham is running like a champ – but is the smooth ride just the calm before the storm?

Will The Road To AAPEX End Before It Starts?

Joe gets some more work done to the Cadillac and goes through some of the background and history of Route 66.

Will A 33-Year-Old Cadillac Make It To Las Vegas?

The truth is, we don’t know how this will end.

The Road To AAPEX Starts Here

Can a 33-year-old Cadillac make it to Las Vegas?