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New Report Examines EV Impact On Scrapped Tires

Coalition estimates 12% increase in scrap tires that will be produced as drivers transition to EVs.

Toyota Explores Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

The joint research project with Argonne National Labs seeks to utilize a new process for recovering critical battery materials.

EV Adoption Means More Scrapped Tires, Says Coalition

Recycled Rubber Coalition estimates 12% more scrap tires from shift to EVs.

OEMs Investing in Lithium-ion Battery Recycling – Here’s Why

Recovering valuable material by recycling Li-ion batteries seems like a no-brainer. It’s not that simple, however.

Check the Label Before Replacing A/C Refrigerant

Never attempt to service a car’s air conditioning system without first checking the SAE J639 sticker.

Environmentally Friendly Automotive Repair

Some people scoff at the environmentally friendly movement
thinking it’s just a fad, or something that’s “hippie.” But, that’s quite
the contrary. Globally there has been an insurgence of consumers
who are seeking out sustainable companies and products.

Paying $1 Per Tire, Memphis Collects 20,000 Tires On Program’s First Day

The city of Memphis, Tennessee is paying residents $1 per used tire through its Tire Redemption Program aimed at reducing the amount of illegal dumping of tires throughout the city, according to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.

The Benefits Of Using Tire Collector And Recycling Companies

Whether you’re a new tire retailer, an automotive service center, or a used tire retailer or wholesaler, you will have to properly dispose of your waste tires at some point. The decision as to how to do this is not always easy. Many cities and states are enacting “manifest” programs, requiring proper documentation from service centers, retailers and wholesalers alike, as to how they are recycling their tires.