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The Power Of Playbooks

A good playbook is a true framework of your business.

Most Automotive Technicians Use Cellphones For Work Tasks

According to an IMR survey, 87.4% of technicians are actively using their cellphones for work in the bay to access technical information, catalog information, parts manufacturer websites and training content.

Steps Toward Smooth Sailing: Establishing Proper Policies & Procedures To Improve Your Shop’s Productivity

We’ve all been there. Customers keep coming in waves and your shop is crazier than it’s ever been. The bays and parking lot are completely full, your waiting room has guests who are waiting to speak with a service writer and you can’t catch your breath trying to keep it all organized. In other words, your policies and procedures broke down. The systems that worked when business was slower fell apart as you grew, and now you’re left trying to pick up the pieces or the shop morale will take a dive and your customers’ trust will fall right along with it.

Preventive Healthcare For Your Company

Like heading to the doctor for an annual checkup, preventive care can be an important tool to maintain the health of your business. Here are a couple of areas to keep in mind to help reduce your employment headaches in the future.