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Presentation: Payroll Best Practices and Mistakes

In a class presented by Jim Saeli on Thursday Sept. 14, Saeli taught the best practices when it comes to paying employees.

Why Guaranteed Pay Is Not the Answer To The Tech Crisis

The secret to success is to incentivize technician productivity, and then empower them to hit their goals.

What Does The Other Guy Make?

The National Labor Relations Act protects an employee’s rights to talk about his – and others’ – paycheck.

Controlling Payroll, Managing Productivity

Payroll is the largest expense item in the monthly financials, and dramatically affects the bottom line. It’s so easy for this to get out of hand if it’s not monitored on an ongoing basis.

How A Pay Plan Can Impact Team Culture

One of the single biggest mistakes that shop owners make is paying employees a straight hourly wage. That’s because it breeds the wrong job mentality.

Pay Plans And Team Culture
Guidelines For Employee Raises

Before you start giving raises to your auto shop employees based on tenure alone, consider this: outside of raises that are based on an increase in the cost of living, all raises should be commensurate to the productivity of the employee.