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Want to be a Million Dollar Shop?

Marketing Secrets Every Auto Shop Owner Needs to Know! When business is slow, and you feel the crunch, your first reaction may be to cut back on spending. While that may be the case within certain areas of your budget, don’t mistake cutting the engine that drives your marketing. Danny Sanchez, the former Autoshop Solutions

How ‘Online’ Actually Benefits Your Shop (Video)

It’s about convenience and communication. This video is presented by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

9 Ways to Manage a Negative Review

The customer isn’t always right, but the customer is still the customer. What do you say when they’re wrong?

Trends In Online Customer Reviews: Dramatic Shifts In Online Visibility Impact Repair Shops

Over the last couple of years, some significant changes in consumer behavior regarding researching retail sources of everything – including auto service – have left some repair shops behind because they were not paying attention. Luckily, it is easy to catch up.

Online Reviews: The Key To Your Shop’s Marketing Strategy

You can write – and pay for – advertising that will try to convince prospective customers to give you a call. Or, for free, you can get satisfied customers who are far more believable to write it for you. Consumer reviews represent, perhaps, the most powerful advertising messages you can develop. The good news is you don’t even have to pay to get them published.

3 Keys To Powerful Shop Reviews

While all positive reviews are valuable, reviews that are stories written by your average customers about common repairs, services and everyday visits that resulted in great experiences will inspire the most trust, and have the most influence.