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Why Is NHTSA Involved With RTR?

An opinion is one thing, but will NHTSA handle technicians filing complaints about being locked out of a vehicle?

NHTSA’s New Odometer Disclosure Requirements

The U.S. fleet of vehicles is, on average, older than ever, and NHTSA finalized this rule in late 2019 to address an increase in odometer fraud involving older vehicles.

NHTSA Announces 2020 Update On AEB Installation

Automakers and NHTSA are collaborating in order to offer almost all new passenger vehicles with low-speed AEB.

US Secretary Chao Launches AV TEST Online Tracking Tool

The tracking tool provides data about the on-road testing of automated driving systems in 17 cities across the country.

Auto Care Association Responds To NHTSA Ballot Question

A data-access referendum will be included as “Question 1” on the ballot for Massachusetts voters this November.

US Senators Call Out NHTSA On Risks Of Connected Cars

The Senators are calling out the agency’s “dangerously reactive approach to cybersecurity” in Internet connected cars.

NHTSA Issues Draft Replica Car Rule In Response To SEMA Lawsuit

Prior to enactment of the replica car law, the U.S. had just one system for regulating automobiles, which was established in the 1960s and designed for companies that mass-produce millions of vehicles.

US DOT Advances Deployment Of Connected Vehicle Technology

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking would enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology on all new light-duty vehicles, enabling a multitude of new crash-avoidance applications that, once fully deployed, could prevent hundreds of thousands of crashes every year by helping vehicles “talk” to each other.

FBI, NHTSA Roll Out PSA On Vehicle Cyber Threat Risks

The recently released PSA says threat actors can remotely attack a car’s electronic control unit through the use of vulnerabilities in third-party devices connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic ports.