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Distracted Driving Is A Bad Idea – So Are These Laws

Though maybe a good idea once, not all traffic laws are still necessary.

Can Customer Dash Cams Get Your Shop In Hot Water?

Are customers watching their vehicles being repaired? If so, are you comfortable with what they’re seeing?

An Introduction To Employment Agreements

Some of the most common questions I hear are, “Can I do that?” “Can I require that behavior?” “Can I make this policy change?” and – most notably – “Can I fire him?” Today, our question is, “Can I ask my employees to sign that?”

Monitoring Employees’ Work Habits

Companies have many legitimate reasons for monitoring customer telephone calls or checking employee computers, which range from ensuring good customer service to addressing workplace theft to confirming compliance with speed limits and other laws. In this article we are going to discuss the proper steps you should take if you’re checking in on your employees.

Five Ways To Keep Your Business Out Of Court

When it comes to business, there are so many things that owners need to do and think about to keep the shop running. The last thing they need is a lawsuit related to employment matters that can be easily avoided. Here are five tips to avoid employment lawsuits.

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