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Future Techs Aren’t The Only Ones In Short Supply

What can we do about the often overlooked factor in the equation, skilled, passionate, dedicated teachers?

Maximizing The Human Element In Repair Operations

Your team is a critical part of building trust, retaining customers and amplifying your marketing efforts.

Are You Doing More With Less?

Part of the problem is our industry’s image and the way that technicians are represented in popular culture.

Setting Up New Employees For Success

Nothing can be more damaging to getting a new employee off on the right foot than doing a poor job with onboarding.

VIDEO: Hiring Millennials

Millennials are looking for a work/life balance. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Tracking Down Techs: How To Hire In A Tight Labor Market

This article provides four tips to help you attract and hire the best techs.

Your Bonus Program May Be Hurting Your Business

As you look ahead to 2021, consider creating a bonus plan that rewards the metrics you value in your shop.

Technology, The Double-Edged Sword

All of the techs in my shop have made more than $100,000 each of the past two years.

Recognizing Employee Milestones And Accomplishments

In the day-to-day grind of running a business, we’re often too busy to stop and say “thanks” or “congratulations.”

Most Automotive Technicians Use Cellphones For Work Tasks

According to an IMR survey, 87.4% of technicians are actively using their cellphones for work in the bay to access technical information, catalog information, parts manufacturer websites and training content.

When Employees Review The Boss

It can be challenging enough when customers get to review the service they receive from your business, but when the employees get in on the act, it can be a bit too much. Perhaps, however, it can be your ticket to lower turnover, happier customers and more business.

How A Pay Plan Can Impact Team Culture

One of the single biggest mistakes that shop owners make is paying employees a straight hourly wage. That’s because it breeds the wrong job mentality.

Pay Plans And Team Culture