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Automotive Repair Social Media Management

Proper attention to social media will help create a successful campaign that can set your shop apart from competitors.

Managing Your Shop’s Online Reputation

The difference between making a sale or losing out to the competition could depend on how you manage your online reputation.

What Facebook’s Data Breach Means For Repair Shops

What used to be 2,700 words is now 4,200 words – and a major security breach brought it to pass. I’m talking about Facebook’s new data privacy policy. Like you, I usually just click “accept” on policy statements for things I participate in online, apps I download to my phone and software I purchase. I don’t typically read these overly complicated, vague legal documents. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to point out, in front of Congress in the last month, that more than 2.1 billion of us agreed to their terms.

How To Use Facebook Custom Audiences For Social Target Marketing

There is no doubt that digital advertising is here to stay. And while there are a plethora of options available to businesses, Google and Facebook have undeniably become two ubiquitous players in the digital landscape. Marketers from all types of industries, including tire and auto service providers, are finding substantial value with these two providers.