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Shop Equipment ROI – Tooled for Profit

Understanding how to calculate ROI can help your purchasing decisions.

How Accurate Is Your Click-Style Torque Wrench?

The inner construction of the click-style torque wrench makes it naturally susceptible to a loss of factory calibration.

Understanding The Evolution Of Charging Test Equipment

Modern charging system testers are programmed to know what they should see on each and every vehicle.

Your Channel For Equipment, Tools And Supplies

You won’t have to adjust the antenna when you flip to TechShop. You’ll always get a clear picture.

Capital Equipment: Repair vs. Replace

How do you know if your equipment is worth repairing or replacing?

Mayhew Introduces New 12-Piece Torx Socket Bit Set

The set features a wide range of sizes that can be used with the appropriate ratchet, T-handle or socket spinner handle.

Repair VS. Replace: Your Checklist For Tire Equipment

Use this checklist as a guide next time you need to determine if you should repair or replace your tire service equipment.

Investing In New Equipment

New equipment can be expensive, yet so can downtime and the risk of losing a customer because you can’t deliver speedy service when your equipment is down and needs repair or replacement. Budgeting for future equipment is often cited as a best practice for your business.

VIDEO: Equipment Buying 101

Your equipment is the backbone of your shop – giving your technicians the muscle to work more efficiently and effectively. And, when those two things happen, profitability goes up. Mary DellaValle presents three tips to make good equipment buying decisions. Sponsored by Coats.

VIDEO: Proper Equipment Boosts Bay Efficiency

Time is money, so most people don’t drill down to the basics when they look for ways to increase profitability. Some seek a quick fix, while others look at the big picture and miss the details. Mary DellaValle presents three tips to run a more profitable shop. Sponsored by Coats.

Is Equipment Really Too Expensive?

The question of whether to invest or not gets down to whether the piece of equipment will save or make you more money than it costs. Sometimes the total cost of a capital equipment investment can be off-putting, yet often the numbers prove that the equipment ends up being less than free.

Making New Equipment Pay For Itself In 90 Days

In the best-case scenario, the new equipment pays for itself, increases trust and loyalty with your customers, improves efficiency, and leaves you with no regret. But, the opposite is always a possibility: the equipment never pays for itself, it goes unused, it breaks down and makes your team inefficient, and ultimately makes you wish you’d never have written the check.

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