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Elite Worldwide Hosts Fundraiser For Canine Cancer Research

The collaboration well-exceeded the fundraising goal for the Canine Cancer Research Division of Tufts University.

Elite, JASPER Launch Service Advisor Sales Training

Sales Master University is an ongoing online course that provides service advisors with a consistent flow of sales training.

Eric Pohlman Joins Elite As Business Development Coach

Pohlman will use his 22 years of experience to provide 1-on-1 guidance to other shop owners.

Nick Sallas Joins Elite As Business Development Coach

Sallas will utilize his 38 years of industry experience to provide one-on-one guidance to other shop owners.

5 Mistakes Most Shop Owners Make Every Day

I have found over the years that despite all their good intentions, there are 5 mistakes that most shop owners make, not just sometimes, but every single day. The first mistake comes the very moment they walk through their door.

3 Tips That Every Shop Owner Needs To Hear

As small business owners, we rarely have anyone who works with us who is capable of holding us accountable for our words, our actions or our promises. I’d highly recommend finding a coach, or at least someone who can hold you accountable and who you can bounce ideas off of, so that you’re not all alone at the top of your company.

The Once-A-Year Shop Meeting That Can Change The Way You Do Business

If you what to sell more service, drive up employee morale and productivity, and see higher profits, then this is one article you may want to read. I realize that I just made a pretty substantial claim, but I sense that by the time you finish this article, you will agree.

5 Tips For Bringing In More First-Time Callers

Gifted salespeople need to know how to control the conversation. If a first-time caller contacts your shop with a variety of questions, your advisors need to take control immediately.

These 5 Customer Service Basics Are Key To Your Shop’s Success

Always take time to ensure that your customer understands everything on the invoice. Re-sell the service you provided and make certain they have no questions before leaving your shop.

Should You Be Open On Saturdays?

Before you make a decision to open up your shop on Saturdays, or to continue to remain open on Saturdays, here are five considerations that should not be overlooked.

Are Your Employees Lacking Motivation?

Many company leaders believe that offering higher pay than the competition is enough to attract and retain the best people. However, many studies suggest something different: We have to find a way to tap into the deeper motivational needs of our staff if we want to create and keep the stars!

A Powerful Radio Ad For Shop Owners

We all know how tough it is to find great technicians, so how do you reach those stars who are not out looking for the right opportunity? Well, I’ve found an answer.