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Technology Update: EV Acronyms And Terminology

Alphabet soup? Don’t worry – these strange combinations of letters will be beneficial to your career.

Repairing Wiring Harnesses

We explore the basics of probing and poking.

Electrical Circuit Diagnostics

Your diagnostic approach needs to be well thought out, and it starts with your equipment.

Free Connector Training Livestream Available Today

The free sponsored livestream by Summit Racing will take place this afternoon at 1:30 PM.

SCCA Forms EV Advisory Committee

The EVAC welcomes feedback and encourages those interested in sharing their thoughts to send a letter to the Club Racing Board under the Electric Vehicle Category at crbscca.com.

BMW’S Mini Brand To Be All Electric By 2030

The auto maker hopes that fully electric vehicles will account for at least 50% of all Mini deliveries by 2027.

EV Conversions For Classic Cars

Learn how yesterday’s classics can be reborn with an electric motor.