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Building a Shop Culture of Success

Write out your plan for success and train your entire team to follow it!

How Your Shop Will Thrive By Fostering Belonging

By creating a culture of belonging, everyone can and will be more successful.

Is Your Shop’s Culture Built On Your Clients’ Experiences?

Today’s business climate is in constant evolution that requires adaptation. People are the most strategic resource.

Creating A Healthy Work Environment In Your Auto Repair Shop

We spend one-third of our lives at work, and we frequently face physical and mental stress or anxiety. Or, we see it in others. Wellness is a significant issue today and will increase in importance if for no other reason than the cost factor.

Building An Environment Where People Do The Right Thing (Without Being Asked)

Thinking about overhauling your company’s culture can be overwhelming and intimidating. Is that because culture is more of an intangible? Something you can’t see or touch? Something for which you can’t write out a standard operating procedure? Something you can’t put in place over the weekend and have ready for your staff Monday morning? We like to fix things with our hands or with a written process or a set of rules, but we can’t fix culture that way.