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Shop Profile: Al’s Certified Auto Repair, Augusta, ME

When adversity has tried to interfere from time to time, it has given way to great opportunities, says owner Al Sutherland.

Work From Home? What is That?

While some employees argue about working from home, techs and shop owners have continued working without complaint.

Massachusetts Repair Shop Grows During Pandemic

RG Automotive is located in Halifax, Massachusetts.

ProClean Surface Disinfectant Kills Coronavirus

It can save time and improve health and safety conditions in a wide range of applications.

Fans Welcomed For 2021 Indy 500

After last years Indy 500 did not have in person fans due to health restrictions, the IMS will allow limited fans to attend this year.

Getting Through 2020 Will Make 2021 Even Easier

In preparation for a better 2021, here are a few financial reminders of things that might help.

Shop Safety: An Ongoing Concern

After several months of navigating COVID-19, it’s always a good idea to review your duties as a shop owner.

Alliance Kicks Off Digital Sales & Marketing Forum

A record audience tuned in from across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Honduras and Colombia for the virtual meeting.

Six Secrets To Satisfaction

Business success and personal satisfaction are not mutually exclusive.

Killer Tools Introduces Sanitizing Mister/Fogger

Mr. Fogger can sanitize an entire office/seating area, vehicles and shop equipment in minutes.

COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Value Of Technicians

Technicians are in high demand and critical to maintaining and restoring America’s economy during the pandemic and beyond.

Deconstructing ‘Business As Usual’

In order for businesses to weather this crisis, they need to make customer retention their top priority.