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The Vital Nature of Multi-V Belt Systems

From the alternator to A/C, the multi-v belt uses a truck’s engine to operate crucial components. Here’s how to keep things running smoothly.

AMN Drivetime: Cal Ganda’s Continental Journey

Ganda embodies servitude leadership, prioritizing team success and customer-centricity.

Installing The Continental Multi V Stretch Belt

Belts don’t need automatic or manual tensioners. Sponsored by Continental.

Sustainable Packaging

Changes such as how a product is packaged can add significant reductions in CO2 emissions. Sponsored by Continental.

Check The Parts in the Box: Help Prevent Fraudulent Returns

You can take some easy steps to make returns less costly for suppliers. Sponsored by Continental Belts & Hose.

Highlighting Student Techs is More Critical Than Ever (VIDEO)

A strong culture of recognition and support helps future techs see their potential. Program sponsored by Continental.

Autodiagnos Pro’s Live Data Allows for Faster Repairs

The latest software update brings added coverage for more than 4.3 million vehicles in North America, Continental says.

Continental Invests $110M In Texas ADAS Facility

The development of the new ADAS features in vehicles has affected all the segments, triggering a blending of industries.

VIDEO: Belt Inspection

Noise is the first sign that more components than just the belt need attention. This video is sponsored by Continental.

VIDEO: Belt Length Matters

There is no such thing as “close enough” when it comes to belt length. This video is sponsored by Continental.

VIDEO: Fuel Hose Types And Specifications

Here is a quick rundown of types of SAE fuel hose and their applications. This video is sponsored by Continental.

JR Arellano Ocampo, January’s Continental Student Of The Month

JR is a senior in Automotive Technology at Lewisville School District’s TECC East in Lewisville, Texas.