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Laying Out Your Shop for ADAS/EV Repairs

Rethinking your electronics layout might be in order.

Today’s Challenges Influence Popularity Of Automotive Color

Total vehicle production was lower, shifting the popularity of certain colors, says BASF Coatings.

Scanning & Recalibration: What Category Are You?

When a calibration is not completed, the response is either I did not know, I did not plan or I did not need to.

Performance Tape Designed For Any Masking Application

New line of performance masking tape offers crisp edges, smooth finish and easy removal.

BodyShop Business, WIN To Hold Event On Tech Shortage

We’re trying to help solve the tech shortage! Join us at BodyShop Business HQ where we’ll present results from our in-depth, nationwide study.

Addressing Cyber Security In Your Repair Shop

There are many steps you can take to make it harder for hackers to hit you, but nothing is impenetrable.