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How AI Can Help Cameras Overcome Vehicle Vision Problems

Upcoming AI will make autonomous driving systems even smarter.

Making The Case About Autonomous

Real-world testing shows driverless vehicles face some fairly significant speed bumps.

J.D. Power Examines Understanding Of Self-Driving Vehicles

The study index is based on six unique attributes of consumer comfort with fully automated, self-driving vehicles.

Multiple Vehicle Technologies Will Continue To Blend

The skilled diagnostic technician is a critical piece to all repairs in both the collision and mechanical segments.

Self Driving Cars On Road By 2021

Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and GM all have autonomous vehicles in the works for next year.

Sensors, Sensors … And More Sensors

Repairers are being advised to buckle up and get ready for the technology tidal wave that’s about to hit the auto industry. The question is: How soon will it get here?

Automotive, Mobility Leaders Publish Framework For Safe Automated Driving Systems

The companies – Aptiv, Audi, Baidu, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, HERE, Infineon, Intel and Volkswagen – say it’s the largest report to date on how to build, test and operate a safe automated vehicle.

Study: Hacked Autonomous Cars Would Cause Chaos

Skanda Vivek, a postdoctoral researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, recently presented the findings of his new paper where he argues that internet-connected autonomous vehicles are not only hackable but that hacking even a small percentage of the self-driving cars currently on the road in the U.S.’s largest city could completely stop the flow of traffic and impede the effectiveness of emergency vehicles.

Toyota Launches New Research Tracks To Study Autonomous, Connected Vehicles

The research projects will focus on the impact of advanced technology on broader road safety trends and the interaction between humans and machines, the automaker noted.

Consumer Watchdog Urges Congress To Let States Set Safety Standards For Autonomous Vehicles

As a House subcommittee considered more than a dozen bills proposing various federal standards for self-driving vehicles, the group Consumer Watchdog expressed concern that a federal proposal to pre-empt state safety regulations “would leave a regulatory void without meaningful safety protections.”

New York Governor Gives Green Light To Autonomous Vehicle Testing

The state only will approve manufacturers of autonomous vehicle technology or companies working with those manufacturers.

95 Percent Of U.S. Car Miles Could Be Traveled In Self-Driving, Electric Or Shared Vehicles By 2030, RethinkX Report Says

The report details how the approval of autonomous vehicles will unleash a market grab by existing and new ride-share companies, which will abandon internal combustion engines for A-EVs for purely cost reasons.