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House Of Representatives Passes National Apprenticeship Act

The National Apprenticeship Act, H.R. 8294, will now move to the United States Senate for debate and vote.

ASA Calls On Senate: Oppose Cash For Clunkers In Stimulus

ASA is continuing to work to ensure that a Cash for Clunkers program is not included in the next round of stimulus legislation.

US House Unveils ‘Moving Forward Act’

The legislation includes a motor vehicle safety title that consists of previously introduced bills and provisions.

Has ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Returned?

ASA is asking auto repairers to send a letter urging their U.S. congressmen and senators to oppose the program in the next phase of COVID-19 stimulus legislation.

Safety Concerns With Self-Driving Vehicles Addressed During US Senate Committee Hearing

Pointing to a fatal Uber crash last year, a U.S. Senate committee recently focused on how to best address safety challenges involving autonomous vehicles (AVs) during a recent hearing. A self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Arizona, struck and killed a woman in 2018.

Pennsylvania Emissions Legislation Awaits Assembly Approval

Specific focus has been placed on Senate Bill 742, which will exempt vehicles newer than eight years from emissions testing.

ASA Opposes Pennsylvania Vehicle Emissions Modification Bills

Four Republican Pennsylvania senators, Sens. Judith Ward, Elder Vogel, Patrick Stefano and Wayne Langerholc, have introduced a quartet of bills aimed at modifying Pennsylvania’s vehicle emissions and maintenance program.

Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Introduced In Louisiana

ASA asks Louisiana repairers to contact state legislators in opposition to HB 546.

ASA Supports New Hampshire OE Repair Procedure Legislation

HB 664 states, “An insurer shall reimburse a repairer for all repairs if a repairer follows original equipment manufacturer recommended collision repair procedures, recommendations, or service bulletins, while repairing a vehicle.”

Missouri Anti-Safety Inspection Bill Reintroduced

The legislation seeks to repeal the state’s vehicle safety inspection program.

ASA Announces New 2018 Board Of Directors

“As I look at our new leadership, I believe we have a strong team in place to help chart the association’s growth and progress on new initiatives as we move forward,” said ASA Chairman Roy Schnepper.

ASA Legislative Office: Missouri Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Dies As Current Session Closes

If enacted, HB 1444 would have repealed Missouri’s vehicle safety inspection program. The 2018 Missouri legislative session has ended for the year.