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Shop-Ware Partners With 360 Payments

Shop-Ware, a cloud-based shop management software for independent repair shops, announced recently that it has completed its integration with 360 Payments.

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Designed for maximum efficiency, Shop-Ware’s all-in-one management solution provides a robust workflow and analytics platform, extensive customer communications capabilities, and a GP Optimizer tool designed to automatically seek and attain a shop’s parts gross profit. The newly added merchant integration feature will now allow for quick and seamless credit card processing through 360 Payments.

“We truly value the feedback of our customers and we strive to make constant improvements; we want our customers to have a complete all-in-one system that works for them,” said Shop-Ware CEO Carolyn Coquillette. “Shop-Ware’s merchant integration feature aligns with our mission of increasing shop efficiency while delighting customers.”

The partnership will include a promise from 360 to meet or beat a shop’s current pricing structure and provide the most up-to-date EMV chip card reader technology. “We could not be more pleased to join the Shop-Ware family,” explained 360 Payments co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni. “We were looking for a partner who we felt was a trendsetter in the auto repair space and Shop-Ware was the natural choice.”

This integration is secured, it is PCI compliant, and it’s designed to help auto repair shops streamline their businesses and manage their payments more effectively.


The Shop-Ware and 360 Payments partnership mutually compliments their reputations for excellent customer service and expeditious growth.

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