Rock Auto's Commitment To Aftermarket Seen at Pro Level

Rock Auto’s Commitment To Aftermarket Seen at Pro Level

Customers don't get online to browse; they look for exact products for vehicles.

In this video, Tom Taylor, VP of marketing and co-owner of Rock Auto, explains his company’s commitment to locating and providing necessary parts for every customer, professional and DIY. Doug Kaufman from ShopOwner gets into the weeds.

Rock Auto was formed in 1999 in Madison, WI.


• We know ABOUT Rock Auto, but do we really understand Rock Auto? (0:22)

• Tom Taylor has the automotive industry in his DNA. (1:32)

• Tom and his brother Jim were inspired by their days of always looking for the most knowledgeable parts guy. (3:02)

• The Taylors created their own catalog system. (4:16)

• Realized WDs needed an easy way to reach professional and DIY customers. (5:28)

• Rock Auto originally was started to sell classic car parts. (6:04)

• Not only intended for DIY customers. (7:41)

• Parts proliferation actually helps them compete. (8:58)

• Customers can get details on specific vehicle fluids, spark plug gaps and other information. (10:12)

• Customers don’t get online to browse; they look for exact products for vehicles. (12:07)

• Tom reminisces about the cars he misses. (14:04)

• What’s the future of Rock Auto? Probably the same as the past: offering the right parts for the right vehicles. (15:40)

• Remanufactured parts are the original “green” vehicle component. (18:14)

• Rock Auto doesn’t have warranty return problems because they sell the right part the first time. (18:44)

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