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Robinair Releases New Electronic Variable Compressor

Robinair has announced the release of an electronic variable compressor tester, the EVDC100. Quick and accurate, this tester saves technicians time and money when repairing electronic control valves by eliminating misdiagnosis and performing unnecessary work, according to the company.

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The EVDC100 works by varying voltage supplied to the refrigerant control valve on the compressor to verify valve function, mimicking a properly functioning compressor valve for a quick and accurate diagnosis. It’s designed to work with multiple variable displacement compressors from suppliers like Denso and Valeo, used on a wide range of vehicles from OEMs including Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota.

Powered by the vehicle’s battery and eliminating the need for technicians to purchase separate batteries, the tester’s connector adapters work on both old and newer style compressors and include heavy-duty battery clips. It also includes a long 6-foot wiring harness, which gives technicians the freedom to move around their repair bay and more easily access the valve and battery, in addition to removable cable assemblies for easy replacement. 

Robinair is driven by innovation and continues to be at the forefront of mobile A/C recovery. For more information on the new electronic variable compressor tester, as well as tools, equipment and accessories, visit

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