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RepairSmith Donates $100K In Free Car Repair Services

RepairSmith has announced it will donate $100,000 in free, ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ to the communities it serves. The company is introducing a series of initiatives to support members within the community who are facing hardship because of the coronavirus.  

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In California and Las Vegas, free car repairs are available to car owners who are severely impacted by COVID-19, either via loss of employment or acting as a frontline worker to their community. This includes government workers, service workers, delivery drivers, healthcare professionals, employees of grocery stores and pharmacies, volunteers and others who require the use of a functioning car, in locations where RepairSmith currently operates. Through the program, individuals can receive up to $500 in repair and maintenance services to keep their car safe and operating during this critical time period. RepairSmith offers on-site repair and maintenance for car owners at their home or workplace with certified technicians who can complete 85% of work on-site, all backed by a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty. 

RepairSmith CEO Joel Milne states, “Amidst uncertain economic times, we believe that relieving the heroes and victims of this pandemic of a financial burden is the right thing to do. RepairSmith is able to deliver car repair in a safe and convenient manner, even during a health crisis. We hope offering free car repair to those experiencing hardship will provide some relief and support in our local communities. A crisis like this is an opportunity for us to support everyone on the frontlines who is working to keep the community safe and healthy.”

RepairSmith is also offering a resource for car owners to find answers to commonly asked questions such as how to properly clean and disinfect your car and how to prepare your car for long-term parking for those working from home.


Additionally, the company is actively hiring new technicians and ramping up its fleet service for businesses who rely on their vehicles to deliver services and products to customers. Technicians can apply for a position with RepairSmith here.  Fleets can learn about No-Contact vehicle services here.

“We are in the unique position right now to hire more technicians to service car owners at their home,” added Milne. “RepairSmith is all hands-on deck and we are here to support our communities by all means possible.” 

To ensure a safe repair experience during all appointments, RepairSmith has implemented its ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ policy to keep technicians and car owners safe during the coronavirus pandemic including:  

  • No direct contact between technicians and car owners during appointments. Car owners can coordinate a contact-free key transfer and pay over the phone in lieu of in-person with a credit card at the end of their appointment.
  • All technicians wear a fresh pair of gloves to each appointment and disinfect high-touch areas in the vehicle including the steering wheel, door handles and panels and car keys, and credit card readers. All high-touch equipment and tools in RepairSmith’s service vans are also disinfected.

All RepairSmith technicians are employees of the company, not contract or gig economy workers, and receive full benefits, including paid sick leave. With the coronavirus outbreak, RepairSmith issued policies allowing sick or symptomatic employees to take unlimited paid sick leave to ensure the safety of the community.


Details about the free ‘No-Contact Car Repair’ are available here.

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