Read The March Issue of ShopOwner's Digital Edition Now -

Read The March Issue of ShopOwner’s Digital Edition Now

Containing management and technical content, this issue is available to read or download at no charge.

The interactive and easy-to-use digital edition of ShopOwner’s March issue is available now.

The March issue features a shop profile of Robert’s Bruneau’s, a family-run multi-shop operation in West Haven and Milford, CT, as well as management articles on the value of a mentor, how to decide when a customer isn’t right for you (and how to deal with someone who tells you otherwise), reckoning with the question of would you work with yourself, five signs you need more shop financing and more, including Tech Tips, new products and opinion columns.

Every issue of ShopOwner also includes technical content from ImportCar, Brake & Front End, Underhood Service, TechShop and Tire Review, all ShopOwner channels.

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Succession Planning – Navigating The Legal Landscape

Planning for a successful business handover means doing things by the book.

When it comes to the succession planning process, one of the most important – yet critically misunderstood – steps is to do everything legally.

The challenge, says Karen Schleifer, legal guru at Schleifer Law in Beachwood, OH, is that the determination of “legal” isn’t always the same.

Do You Suffer From CED? Good News – It’s Curable

The creep of Customer Experience Decline can take hold if you allow your shop to lose focus.

Tool Intel: Shop Air Systems

Upgrading your air system is easier than you may think and having an inefficient system costs your shop every day.

MEMA Issues Statement on Tax Relief for Working Families Act

This measure includes restoration of one year deductibility of research and development expenses.

The Multiplying Opportunities in Sustainability Practices

Sustainability practices can be expanded through education and team member adoption and participation.

Other Posts

Non-Competes A Non-Starter, Says FTC

The Federal Trade Commission recently outlawed most non-compete clauses. What does that mean to you?

Opinion: Do Technicians Need Tips?

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, but will a tip make your techs work any quicker or more precisely?

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ShopOwner includes valuable business management and technical editorial content.

Planning for Your Shop’s Success In The Future

Understanding succession planning before you need it is critical. This series is presented by Standard.