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Pronto Names Shop-Ware Shop Management Software Provider

Shop-Ware, a shop management system with an end-to-end digital customer experience, has been announced as a preferred supplier for the National Pronto Association.

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  • The strategic partnership will increase the efficiency and profitability of the network of Pronto Auto Care Experts (PACE), Pronto Smart Choice and other Pronto affiliated shops.
  • Pronto affiliated shops will benefit from exclusive subscription offerings and package pricing.
  • Shop management training will be available in combination with Shop-Ware’s Analytics platform, to educate owners and managers on shop profitability and sustainability.

“Pronto values its network of service professionals,” said Carolyn Coquillette, founder & CEO of Shop-Ware. “This partnership delivers innovation to ensure that member shops have the best technology to maximize profits and delight customers, today, tomorrow and long into the future.”

“Shop-Ware has taken the SMS system to a new level by incorporating one-click efficiencies within the shop while communicating needed repairs to the car owner,” said David Wofford, director of sales and national accounts for Pronto. “Shop-Ware provides a simple to understand electronic format which allows the consumer to review and approve by the touch of their finger on their own phone.”

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