Private Label Purchases Increase, Says IMR Study

Private Label Purchases Increase, Says IMR Study

Private label purchases from IRFs climb significantly, reports survey conducted by IMR Research.

A new report from IMR Research says private label parts are becoming more attractive to independent repair facilities. This latest IMR Insight from IMR Research comes in two parts: One focuses on independent repair shop’s purchasing of private label parts and the other looks at the importance of private label and national brands within the shops.  

Some key findings:

  • Private Label purchases from independent repair shops is up to 47.6%, and 73.6% of shops expect to purchase more private label parts.
  • Shops noted that the pandemic, affordability, and customer preference as the biggest reasons for the expected increase in purchases of private label products.
  • Although the Pandemic was the highest noted reason, affordability of private label parts jumped from 19.2% to 45.4% since August 2020.
  • 19.6% of those responsible for making parts purchasing decisions at the shops say they know what brand is in the private label box.
  • Where a shop’s first call supplier has categories that are primarily private label, 13.7% said they always/frequently go to a different supplier for national branded parts while 72.7% of shops say they occasionally go to another supplier for those parts.
  • 15.2% of shops said they definitely/very likely would switch their first call supplier if they changed to primarily private label brands with limited national brands and 33% said they would likely switch.

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