NRS Brakes Highlights Environment-Friendly Brake Pads

NRS Brakes Highlights Environment-Friendly Brake Pads

Brake pad selection can drastically impact sustainability efforts, says NRS.

With the growing concern of transportation’s impact on the environment and the need for increasingly sustainable solutions, NRS Brakes states that its NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are more environmentally friendly than the competition due to less brake dust generated. They also are produced without copper or lead, and are corrosion-resistant, contributing to longer life on the vehicle and fewer brake pads in landfills. 

Brake dust accounts for 20% of all vehicle-generated pollutants, says NRS. Brakes require friction to operate, but brake pads rubbing against rotors creates brake dust – extremely small metal particles that impact the air and soil. NRS galvanized brake pads are made with a premium friction material that produces less brake dust than traditional brake pads, according to the company. 

In addition, NRS Galvanized Brake Pads prevent corrosion, leading to longer brake pad life, using zinc-plating technology. Painted brake pads can chip and flake, inviting rust-causing corrosion to degrade the brake pad, reducing the brake pad life and contributing to landfills due to early brake pad replacement. NRS Galvanized Brake Pads avoid this through higher-quality materials, as well as the NRS-patented mechanical brake pad attachment ensures that the engineered layers of the brake pad do not separate over time or crumble from corrosion.

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