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Nexen Tire Launches Online Portal

Nexen Tire America has announced the launch of Nexen Tire Garage, a digital one-stop-shop containing all of Nexen Tire’s marketing tools and resources made available to Nexen Tire dealers. Effective today, Nexen Tire’s leading warranty also has been updated to include new terms. The Road Hazard Replacement Warranty now includes 3/32-inches of tread life or two years. about:blank

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The company’s all-new website was designed to help Nexen Tire dealers access all Nexen Tire’s tools and resources as conveniently as possible. Nexen Tire Garage will help dealers increase sales while continuing to build customer loyalty, all thanks to an easy-to-navigate landing page. When navigating Nexen Tire Garage, dealers can access a plethora of existing and newly launched marketing tools, all available to the dealer at no cost.

Each individual tool found in the Nexen Tire Garage plays a vital role in helping Nexen Tire dealers connect with consumers and sell more tires, the company says. Over the past year, Nexen Tire has added several new resources for dealers to utilize, such as the Nexen Tire Mobile App and the company’s new social media platform N’Social. The company says it will continue adding new resources as they become available.


“Nexen Tire Garage is a testament to Nexen Tire’s long-standing commitment to its dealers, and that commitment is to make the dealer’s job as easy as possible,” said John Hagan, executive vice president of sales for Nexen Tire America, Inc. “We’ve continued to evaluate what tools and resources are needed to support our partnerships and promote thriving communities, and with streamlined resources like our new warranty updates, N’Social and our associate dealer program, having a one-stop-shop full of rich features and tools like Nexen Tire Garage means it’s an exciting time to be a Nexen Tire dealer.” 

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