New F-150 Rear Axle Repair Kit

New F-150 Rear Axle Repair Kit

Make on-the-truck repairs for m.y. 2021-2023 vehicles with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package.

ProMAXX Tool introduces the new Ford F-150 Rear Axle Repair Kit (PMXFRA500PRO). The Rear Axle Repair Kit quickly makes the on-the-truck fix for 2021-2023 Ford F-150 Trucks with the Trailer Tow Max Duty Package and 9.75-inch Heavy Duty Axle.

The kit’s heavy-duty disk attaches directly on to the Ford F-150 wheel hub. It is adjustable to fit over the broken bolt, providing a stable surface for drilling. The kit includes a series of hardened-steel bushings that are designed to conform perfectly into the guide plate disk, allowing for dead-center, on-the-vehicle machining. The proprietary mating angles guide the drill bits to the perfect alignment. The repair kit’s machine-shop-grade drill bit tooling is the same top quality used in high-speed machine shop operations.

“The Ford F-150 Rear Axle Repair Kit is design engineered to repair the axle within 15 minutes versus five to six times that for removing and installing a replacement,” said Milton Specialty Tool Group General Manager Jeff Del Rossa.

“The repair is easy and hassle free. Drill, and chase the threads with the kit’s machine-shop-grade tooling (bushings, drills, taps) and easily install the new replacement bolt and the job is done fast. Customers and techs will love the quick turn-around times.”

The kit is available from the Milton Industries Specialty Tool Group’s ProMAXX Tool (PMXFRA500PRO) and Steck Manufacturing (FRA500PRO-STC). For more information:

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