How To Equip A Mobile Service Van -

How To Equip A Mobile Service Van

To add mobile service to your operation, determine what services you'll offer and what tools you'll need.

Car dealers and independent shops are launching mobile service vans to bring maintenance and repair services directly to their customers. It’s in keeping with the overall trend toward people wanting greater flexibility to do what they want, when and where they want to do it. 

The benefits to the shop are increasing sales and productivity by making it more convenient and easier for customers to schedule routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, warranty repairs, and other vehicle services at home or work. Every shop runs differently, of course, but it’s likely that a well-outfitted van can complete five or more vehicle services a day. 

Get Specific 

If you want to add mobile service to your operation, start by determining which are your most requested maintenance services and the most common repairs needed that can reasonably be completed off-site. 

While you’re at it, weigh whether you want to launch with a single specialized van. Or, perhaps your operation is scaled such that it can support more than one service van from the get-go. Another approach is to start with one van equipped generally for field service. Then, as your mobile service offering grows, outfit additional trucks for specific types of services to help reduce your vehicle acquisition cost and boost operational efficiency. 

Once you know how many mobile service vans you’ll be running and what work your mechanics will focus on as they go from customer to customer, the next step is selecting which equipment to install in each van.

Vans set up to carry out primarily preventive maintenance services, replace worn components, and complete warranty repairs will have hand tools onboard, as well as equipment like fluid displacement tanks. 

Inside The Van

Key equipment to consider when outfitting a mobile service van includes:

• A lift. Why rely on jacks when you can have the security and additional height provided by a portable vehicle lift? 

• Lift adapters. Depending on the types of vehicles you service, you may want a set of low-profile blocks, pinch-weld pucks, pinch-weld blocks and/or truck adapter kit. Or, stock them all so you’re ready for whatever business comes your way.

• Comfortable, compact creeper seat to move around and under the vehicle ergonomically.

• Air compressor and air hose reel to power the air and power tools you’ll also want to put in the van.

• Battery charger.

• For hot climates, consider a compact portable evaporative air cooler.

• EVAP smoke machine, to identify vacuum and smoke leaks.

• Hand-held diagnostic equipment. 

• A powerful, portable work light to improve visibility wherever the job takes you. offers a lot of the equipment you need for a new mobile service van, making it easy to order from a single source with free shipping and experienced product specialists available to help. 

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