How Inflation Affects Buying Power And How You Can Help

How Inflation Affects Buying Power And How You Can Help

Financing options can help combat inflation fears. This webinar is sponsored by Snap Finance.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the prices of automotive parts and equipment have risen nearly 15% in the last year.  As a result, customers are looking at purchasing decisions very differently. Giving your customers a simple option for financing is a win-win: you make the sale, and the customer is able to get the service their car needs.

In partnership with Snap Finance, ShopOwner Magazine and Tire Review Magazine will present a free, interactive webinar on Thursday, March 9 at 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific. How Inflation Is Affecting Your Customers’ Purchasing Decisions – And How You Can Help Them will provide real-world examples of the power of being able to offer creative financing options to ensure your customers’ safety

“Although some of the recent numbers are positive, people are still worried about the economy, and with good reason,” explains Doug Kaufman, editorial director of ShopOwner magazine. “Inflation is a scary beast and it may be preventing your customers from getting work done on their car or truck. Having their tires replaced or having service done on their vehicle may not fit into their current budget — but they need to get the work completed so they can get back on the road safely.”

The good news is, there are options that can benefit you AND your customers. Tim Haughn, Divisional Sales Leader for Snap Finance, will discuss real-world solutions to maintaining a positive customer relationship. He will also cover the following topics:

  1. The impact that rising prices are having on the auto care industry
  2. How you can create a positive experience for your customer when invoice sticker shock may be a factor
  3. Options for how your customers can pay for service they may not be able to initially afford

The 60-minute webinar will include a live Q&A session and a certificate of completion. In addition, as a thank you for attending, 25 randomly selected attendees will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Can’t attend live?
You should still register!  We will send you a link to the recording after the webinar is over, so you can watch it on-demand at a time that’s convenient for you.

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