Free Webinar – ADAS: Diagnosing False Activations and Warnings
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Webinar: Diagnosing False ADAS Activations and Warnings

Webinar is the first in an eight-part series of technical and management topics presented by AAPEX.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) can intervene with driver warnings or activation of the brakes and steering functions. Unfortunately, ADAS sometimes get it wrong and activates when there is no problem. The customer might be backing out of the garage or changing lanes on the freeway when the false warning or activation occurs. We will explore how to resolve customer complaints of false activation of automatic braking, lane blind spot detection systems.

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In collaboration with AAPEX, ShopOwner and Tire Review will present a free, interactive webinar on Monday, April 11 at 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific. Diagnosing False Activations and Warnings is the first of an eight-part technical and management-focused webinar series. This engaging, interactive session will provide real-world examples of what can go wrong and how your shop can be the recognized repair authority.

“In most cases, the customer simply expects the shop to extinguish an ADAS-related malfunction code or light or determine why they are experiencing false activation or warnings from an ADAS system in the first place,” explains Andrew Markel, Technical Content Director for Babcox Media. “It can be confusing, and many shops and technicians say they’re not ready to perform ADAS calibrations or invest in the equipment. We’ll help answer many of their questions.”


The 45-minute webinar will include a live Q&A session and a certificate of completion. In addition, as a thank you for attending, 50 randomly selected attendees will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

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