Free Automotive Webinar: Don’t Be Intimidated By TPMS Service
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Free Webinar: Don’t Be Intimidated By TPMS Service

TPMS Talk: Fundamentals of Fast and Efficient TPMS Service will help you effectively organize your TPMS program.


TPMS service may seem to be complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, understanding how today’s tire pressure monitoring systems operate will allow you to expand your customer service capabilities in this increasingly critical discipline.

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In collaboration with Schrader TPMS Solutions, ShopOwner, Tomorrow’s Technician and Tire Review will present a free, interactive webinar on Thursday, April 7 at 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific. TPMS Talk: Fundamentals of Fast and Efficient TPMS Service will provide an engaging, hands-on lesson exploring how you can organize your TPMS program for maximum effectiveness.

“TPMS is found on every car sold in America since 2007, yet there is still confusion about how it operates and why it is so important,” explains Maddie Winer, editor of Tire Review and moderator of the webinar. “With the assistance of Yanick Leduc and Tom Kirkham from Schrader’s Technical Training Team, we’ll break down the fundamentals of TPMS service and provide real-world tips for setting up a profit-building TPMS program.”


Topics covered during the course of the webinar will include:

  • How to identify if a vehicle has a TPMS system
  • How to select the right TPMS sensor for the vehicle and rim type
  • How to select the right service kit and why it’s important
  • How to safely dismount a tire from the rim without damaging the sensor
  • How to properly assemble and disassemble the sensor

The 60-minute webinar will include a live Q&A session and a certificate of completion. In addition, as a thank you for attending, 50 randomly selected attendees will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.


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