Family and Community Compound Success At McMahon’s Best-One

Family and Community Compound Success At McMahon’s Best-One

Indiana tire dealer has close-knit ties to the communities it serves and is elevating professionalism in the tire industry.

Community makes McMahon’s Best-One stand out from the competition. The company was founded in 1969 by Pat McMahon, who bought out a local independent tire dealer in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, with the help of Paul Zurcher.

Pat built a strong foundation for the business, and today, his son, Bubba, who grew up in the tire industry, now owns it with Randy Geyer, a longtime employee. Bubba’s wife, Kim, is now president of McMahon’s Best-One, and together they are pushing the limits on what it means to be an independent tire dealer.

With 13 locations and counting, McMahon has close-knit ties to the communities it serves and is elevating the professionalism in our industry to thrive in the future.

In this episode of Johnny g & Friends, presented by Firestone, Bubba, Kim, and Pat McMahon discuss with Johnny g:

  • Early memories from Bubba growing up in the tire industry (1:30);
  • How Bubba met Kim (2:15);
  • How Kim got into the tire business (3:10);
  • Reminiscing with Pat (4:55);
  • Pat describes how his service in the U.S. Army helped shape who he is today (6:36);
  • How Pat started working at Firestone (7:38);
  • How Pat became friends with Paul Zurcher (8:48);
  • How the “Best One” name was created (10:51);
  • Pat recounts how he met his wife (12:36);
  • Pat’s advice for tire dealers today (14:23);
  • Bubba’s thoughts on Best One’s longevity (15:03);
  • Kim’s thoughts on being part of the Best One family (15:48);
  • Best One’s tech center (17:03);
  • What’s next for McMahon’s? (21:00)
  • What’s it like working so closely with family? (21:44)

For more episodes of Johnny g & Friends, presented by Firestone, click here. 

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