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DRIVE Is Delivering Virtual Workshops To All Clients

Due to the recent business disruption caused by COVID-19, DRIVE smoothly transitioned to phone and live digital interactions for its client base, the company said.

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Prior to the pandemic, DRIVE prepared and tested its companywide remote-workforce plan.

“We did this to ensure that when or if the time came, DRIVE would easily service all DRIVE client needs with absolutely no interruption of service,” the company said in a news release. “This allowed DRIVE to stay open, maintain 100% service and focus on the special needs of shops seeking to navigate the pandemic now and into the future.”

All DRIVE workshops are live, virtual and interactive.

“We are hearing phenomenal feedback from large numbers of workshop attendees,” the company said. “The same high level of excellence all clients expect is now delivered via the Zoom platform. The DRIVE instructors interact with each client via live chat and video. All attendees are experiencing an informative and supportive environment with all participants having the ability to ask questions and talk to one another.”

DRIVE clients can attend a workshop from the comfort of their home or shop.

Facebook Live Program

DRIVE also has launched a new Facebook Live program, which the company describes as “a daily lifeline to all shops.” The informative talk show addresses crucial “shop solutions to pandemic issues.”


The show is broadcast Monday through Friday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time/3:30 p.m. Eastern time and is hosted by David Saline and Chris Scully. Anyone in the industry is welcome to tune in.

Each episode addresses topics such as “Leadership in a Crisis,” “Making Wise Financial Decisions in Today’s Economy” and the importance of “Marketing During Business Turmoil.” All viewers can ask questions and leave comments during and after the show. The broadcasts put DRIVE’s top shops in direct communication with one another, addressing each shop problem and focusing on effective solutions.

Daily Zoom Meetings

To attack the pandemic head-on, DRIVE is offering a daily Zoom meeting open to anyone who registers. During the daily Zoom conference, a top DRIVE business advisor and pandemically successful shop owners are holding training and group discussions to help any shop owner through the current business climate.

Held Monday through Friday at 1:30 p.m. Pacific time/4:30 p.m. Eastern time, the daily Zoom conference meeting is open to both DRIVE clients and non-clients. To register, click here.


“Our mission is to help shops succeed, anytime, anywhere and under any circumstance,” DRIVE CEO Bill Kilpatrick said. “We are here for you, right now. The solutions we address are practical. It’s custom-tailored to meet this pandemic.  

“DRIVE prepared for this type of situation in advance, before the dam broke. We are here to help. DRIVE Facebook Live, the remote workshops and also our daily Zoom conference meeting are recent additions from us to you because we know shops need it. The DRIVE employees are working their guts out – and having fun with it. DRIVE staff and selected DRIVE shop owners have teamed up to provide powerful lifelines to communities across North America. Let’s go! Let’s all win! When this pandemonium blows over, I want to hear that all DRIVE shops helped, they came out ahead of the game – healthier, happier and stronger than ever. That’s our aim. That is what is going to happen.”

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