DRIVE EXPO Shop Owner Attendees Learned From Each Other

DRIVE EXPO Shop Owner Attendees Learned From Each Other

Shop Owners from around the country got to spend the weekend learning and networking with each other.

The trade show for the DRIVE EXPO opened for attendees at noon on Friday, August 26. More than 40 vendor booths were open for business.

On the show floor, shop owners could talk to representatives of parts manufacturers, training providers and trade associations.

Shop Owner Kevin Reichelt, has been to multiple DRIVE shows. By far, his favorite part about DRIVE is the networking.

Kevin Reichelt

“Seeing everybody person to person after these last couple of years, is great,” Reichelt said. “It really sucks being on Zoom and not being able to communicate with each other on a different level, on a more personal level, hang out and just spend time together. It’s a lot of fun.”

Shop owners Danielle and Dan Gray attended their first DRIVE show at the EXPO this past weekend. One of their favorite parts of the show was the networking opportunities, too.

Danielle and Dan Gray

“The networking has been great. Talking with all the shops. That’s the best way to learn, is to know what worked for other people and what’s not working and get the real life insight from that,” Danielle said. “Everything is not cut and pasted from a book, because all the situations are different.”

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Friday, August 26 DRIVE Expo Calendar

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