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D-A Lubricant Partners With NHRA Top Fuel Driver Joe Morrison

D-A Lubricant Co. has announced an associate marketing partnership with NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Driver Joe Morrison for the 2021 NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series and beyond. The partnership will ensure that the Leverich Racing Top Fuel Dragster team’s engine will be lubricated by U.S.-made PennGrade 1 High-Performance Oil – “The Original Green Oil.” The partnership also extends Morrison as an authorized dealer of D-A Lubricant solutions.

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Family-owned and operated, located in a state-of-the-art facility in Lebanon, Indiana, D-A stays true to its roots. D-A has historically taken great pride in producing industry-leading engine oils, transmission lubricants, greases, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, antifreezes, specialty products and industrial grade lubricants. Today, D-A Lubricant Company includes the brands of Reliant (HDEO), PennGrade (PCMO), PennGrade 1 (Racing), Wearguard (Industrial), Blue Flame (Natural Gas) lubricants.

Joe Morrison is a long-time consumer of D-A Lubricant products, being a passionate automotive enthusiast who knows the value of proper lubrication in any mechanical application. Whether it’s using industrial lubricants for his landscaping business, or the 10,000-horsepower engine powering the Leverich Racing Top Fuel Dragster, the mild-mannered drag racer from Flemington, New Jersey, realizes the key to longevity and performance is keeping all moving parts protected due to the full fill strength of PennGrade 1.

“It’s an honor to partner with a family-first organization like the D-A Lubricant Company,” noted Morrison, who is entering his first full season as a driver in the NHRA’s top-tier category. “I can speak to the quality of D-A Lubricant products, including the high-performance racing product PennGrade 1 – as I’ve not only sold them to racers and automotive enthusiasts across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, but also used ‘The Original Green Oil’ in my 48 Fiat Altered for years.”


Morrison is known for his family-first philosophy. Whether it’s his family-inspired non-profit organization Right2Breathe or his driving duties for the Leverich family’s Top Fuel Dragster, the inspirational driver from Flemington, New Jersey, has established credibility with automotive enthusiasts and business owners due to following through with commitments, maintaining an elevated ethical business philosophy, and working hard for those who support him.

“Joe Morrison is an ideal partner for us,” said John Noal, executive vice president at D-A Lubricant Company. “He’s a true automotive lover, and we’re proud to see outstanding racing teams like his benefit from our products, both on and off the track.”

“During the off-season, our team made significant upgrades to our Top Fuel Dragster racing operation,” Morrison said. “We’ve had Top Fuel tuner Rob Flynn guide us to make mechanical improvements, including investing in a new clutch system, having Rob Wendland rebuild our fuel pump, and the technical knowledge to apply that new power to the ground.”

“The addition of PennGrade 1 High-Performance Oil and other D-A Lubricant products to our arsenal of valuable resources that will ensure optimal engine performance, but also keep this 10,000-horsepower nitromethane monster cool under pressure. And as a small budget team that depends on extending parts lifespan – this is exceptionally important to our team.”

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