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COVID-19: It’s Been Some Ride

One of the great advantages of growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, is its proximity to VacationLand, USA. VacationLand, USA is in northwest Ohio and encompasses communities like Marblehead, Lakeside, Sandusky, Port Clinton, Catawba Island and Put-in-Bay.

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VacationLand, USA is now Lake Erie Shores and Islands. Much has changed in between the time of VacationLand, USA and Lake Erie Shores and Islands. The centerpiece of this region is Cedar Point, which has been a main attraction for generations and has an international reputation as being the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” There are 18 roller coasters on site; there is no better.

Many of us have felt like we’ve been on a roller coaster since mid-March. We’ve been on the Wicked Twister – go out, stay home; the Gatekeeper – when are we going to open the door to the economy; the Top Thrill Dragster – put the pedal to the metal; and the Corkscrew – everyone needs a drink.

Unfortunately, I do not think the summer of roller coasters is over. What I do know is in the ups and downs of the news, rhetoric and the economy, we will continue to move forward. But just like your first roller coaster ride, you’re nervous when you sit in the seat, anxious when they pull down the bar, you smile as the ride begins, the ride takes off, your stomach drops, you laugh, hang on and let go…. and there is exhilaration and satisfaction.


In the next few months, our stomachs will drop, we’ll hang on, we’ll let go and in the end, we’ll find we’ve endured and smiled or laughed along the way.

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