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Hyundai Hybrid Stop/Start System Problems

Specific conditions with the engine, transmission and brake system all have to be met for the ISG system to function.

Help! My TPMS Light Is On!

Here are a few commonly overlooked issues that could be triggering a warning light and worrying your customers.

Why Engine Coolant Replacement May Be Necessary, Not Optional

Look at the condition of the additive package and the freezing point to justify coolant replacement.

Your Customer’s TPMS Light Is On – Can You Reliably Turn It Off?

Keep customers coming back for the next round of service – not to deal with an annoying TPMS light.

Understand How Replacement Struts Affect Alignment Angles

Earl MacPherson’s struts eliminated suspension complexity in one way but changed vehicle geometry in others.

All This And A Bag Of (Micro)Chips

Consumers may only now start experiencing what our industry knew – the chip shortage is real.

Maximizing The Human Element In Repair Operations

Your team is a critical part of building trust, retaining customers and amplifying your marketing efforts.

Rolling Profits – Selling Tires At Your Shop

When properly presented the option, your customers will likely want to buy tires from you.

10 Steps To Service Advisor Excellence

To maximize your service advisors’ skills, do what the new car dealers do.

The Differences Between ‘I Think’ and ‘I Know’ Training

We may all learn the same material – but it’s how you apply it that helps you in daily operations.

Shop Profile: Pioneer Auto, Sergeant Bluff, IA

Rick Maxfield says his goal is to facilitate service and a positive customer experience.

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