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Goal Setting For 2012: Combine A Well-Cast Vision With A Charted Course

On June 6, 1944, the Allied Invasion Forces landed across 60 miles of French coastline beginning one of the bloodiest battles in history, and resulting in the liberation of Europe that ultimately occurred on May 8, 1945, also known as V.E. Day. As Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Dwight D. Eisenhower had to set the objective first – European liberation from Nazi Germany.

Autoscope Perfects The Art Of Automotive Repair: Training, Customer Service Are Key Elements To Shop’s Success

According to Autoscope President Nerces Mavelian, “Superstar Technicians” are “built, not born.” It all starts with what can’t be avoided and what is usually a lengthy and arduous task: finding the right candidate in the first place.

Thinking Outside The Box: The Key To Higher Car Counts

Institutional advertising programs, like print media, TV and radio, and electronic media, all have their place. Clearly they can help you keep the name of your company top of mind with your customers, which, in the world of advertising, is a good place to be. But regardless of how much name awareness your company carries, one thing is for certain: You sell a service, not a product.

Is Your Used Equipment Safe? Does It Comply To SAE, UL, ALI Standards?

If your town is anything like mine, from time to time an automotive repair shop will close and, inevitably, the equipment will be listed for sale. I’ve seen this trend during good times and bad, and I’ve had the opportunity to purchase some of this equipment. When I’m in the market for a lift, this is what I look for.

How To Prepare Your Shop For The Next Opportunity … Or Obstacle

As every shop owner knows, both money-making opportunities and unexpected situations present themselves on a regular basis. A deal to buy a new sign for your shop, a chance to buy inventory at a discount or forging ahead with an equipment upgrade are all ways to grow and develop your business.

Pay Yourself First: It’s Your Job To Look Out For Your Financial Future

The other day, a colleague and I were discussing business strategies for the coming year. He asked me what was my number one priority for the coming year as it related to my business. Without hesitation I responded, “taking care of the financial future of my family.”

Deliver World-Beating Customer Service, Part 2

Part 1 of this article in the July/August issue discussed how great customer service is not as easily defined as having clean restrooms. Customer service is a tangible, measurable attribute, so your customer always decides whether or not you’re delivering exceptional customer service.

7 Steps To A New Shop Location: Strategies For A Successful Business Expansion

In July, I opened my 25th auto repair shop in Marietta, GA. The shop, which operates under the Service Street banner, is located on a busy highway, northwest of Atlanta. The store launched strong, posting the third-best opening, sales-wise, of all my shops. Once it matures, I expect it to be my top-performer.

Deliver World-Beating Customer Service: Remember, Your Customers Are The Judge

Customers demand much more today of their vehicle repair experience, but “great customer service” is not as easily defined as, say, having clean restrooms. Truth is: Customer service is a tangible, measurable attribute. Time and again we hear the phrase “great customer service,” but what is it in real terms?